PMA (Planned Maintenance Agreement)

As a local Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor, Kaspereit Services LLC planning maintenance on your equipment on a regular basis is vital to keeping your equipment running continually and efficiently. With so many situations around your HVAC equipment that can cause parts to fail and wear out sooner than expected. Such as environments attacking your systems, such as dog hair, cat hair, kids running in and out of house tracking dirt, extreme temperatures, cottonwood falling from trees, and so on and so forth. Today it is a good and vitally important day to keep equipment maintained. By cleaning, and checking your systems on an ongoing basis, helps keep your systems operating properly.

Kaspereit Services LLC, being your new favorite Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor, offers a PMA for your equipment. This is a planned scheduled time to come out and clean your system, when it is convenient to you, our customer and us since we have very busy seasonal schedules. This PMA is scheduled for technicians to have the appropriate time to service equipment properly, allowing us to price lower than a regular cost of a diagnosis call (But, PMA’s are only performed on working systems). If systems are having issues a diagnostic would be required 1st, to give enough time to fully diagnose and repair current issues.

The PMA that Kaspereit Services LLC offers is customized for each customer. Customers have choices to add EAC (Electric Air Cleaning) deep cleaning once a year, add humidifier service & check once a year, add special filters to service once a year or opt to have Kaspereit Services LLC bring pleated filters every visit. Using our PMA you will get 10% off our already low service rates, in addition to becoming one of our priority customers. We make your experience working with a Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor extremely easy.



We are not your typical Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor. Here at Kaspereit Services LLC, your property and family is very important to us. We want to protect both your family and your property. Before Kaspereit Services LLC ever comes to your home our team members have been vetted with background checks, drug tests and training. We want you to have the best experience you have ever had dealing with a HVAC company. When we come to your home or business, we first communicate with the person who has the HVAC concerns. We keep your home or business clean during our diagnosis and repairs. We will then diagnose your symptoms and look for any other underlying reason for equipment concerns. Then we consult with our customers about appropriate solutions going forward to avoid miscommunication. Then we perform repairs and clean up after we are done. We welcome any feedback on how we are performing our work and definitely appreciate your google review.

Here at Kaspereit Services LLC, we vow to always be flexible, and always answer your questions whenever we can. We want to be known as the contractor that you can trust, and you can trust us. Our owner Marcus Kaspereit has been in the industry for over 20 years, and he knows exactly what to do and how to treat people. He knows that you want to be treated fairly and honestly, so that is exactly what we’re gonna do. Whenever you call us. Add our number… dot dot you’ll be greeted quickly and friendly period.

Consulting For New Equipment

When you are ready for Kaspereit Services LLC to come out and give estimates for new equipment. We will need access to the area needing the new equipment to be installed (both inside and outside if applicable) or we will need blueprints of location where new equipment will be installed to give a more accurate estimate of what is needed. As a Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor, Kaspereit Services LLC, we find it very important to have a load calculation performed on location needing new equipment. Because, the industry provides so many different solutions and capabilities than ever before. Choosing the right system will give you years of experience with the system you choose.

You may put foam insulation on the inside of your home which will change humidity loads requirements on home. These changes may make it necessary to remove more humidity at home. This problem can be addressed before you install your new equipment.

Example 2:
The original system may have been installed improperly and the new system may be able to address many issues never considered before.

Original system may have been installed properly, but had been replaced without considering new system requirements on air flow. In this example more duct may need to be added to get better operations and may make the system more efficient.


Load Calculations and Duct Design

It is our goal here at Kaspereit Services LLC to perform load calculation on all our project endless customer declines having load calculations performed on install projects. The cost of a Manual J load calculation is minimal cost for a good quality installation and duct design. In order to make good calculations, Kaspereit Services LLC will need:

  • Go through each room in home and determine the size of rooms.
  • Count many windows and sizes of windows.
  • Count how many doors and how they are made.
  • Need to know the attic insulation value.
  • Need to know wall insulation value.
  • Need to know what material layers make up the walls.
  • Count appliances are in each room.
  • What size equipment is currently installed and how well that equipment performed.


We will also need to know long term and short term goals of the HVAC system. The more information Kaspereit Services knows about your priorities and expectations, the better we can install exactly what you want.

  • Is price the most important issue for you?
  • Is salving air flow issues the most important issue to you?
  • Is humidity the most important issue to you?
  • Is noise level the most important issue for you.
  • Is the physical size of equipment the most important issue to you.
  • Is keeping you cool on the hottest days of the year most important to you.


This will help us to spend your and our time going in the direction of complete satisfaction for your new HVAC system. Whatever is important to you, is important to us as your local Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor. We exist to serve, and we know what we are doing, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Kaspereit Services LLC.