About Us

My name is Markus Kaspereit and I have been a Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor for more than 23 years and have solved every problem I have run into working on HVAC equipment. Because I was educated at OSU Institute of Technology and had great mentors help me and guide me through all my difficult challenges, I have learned so much about the HVAC industry. My goal is to bring up the next generation of technicians to service customers with the excellence and standards I have implemented into my own life as a professional HVAC technician.

Our goal here at Kaspereits Services LLC is to bring a professional and qualified aspect to the HVAC industry. Everyone that works for Kaspereit Services LLC gets background checks and drug tests. Because I don’t want my customers or other team members being put in danger by someone else’s poor decisions.

What We Are All About:

Here at Kaspereit Services LLC, our goal is to provide the best quality with consistent integrity to our customers. We make the same commitment to our team members. As our team members grow here at Kaspereit Services LLC we will continue to improve our processes and procedures to bring the best quality experience to our customers. Our goal is to have HVAC equipment up and running as quickly as possible with OEM or manufacturer’s recommended parts. We believe if any brand of equipment is installed properly and maintained regularly, it will last a good long time.


The history of our journey to starting our own business as a Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor.

We did this the old Fashion way with hard work and perseverance with the Lord by our side.We take nothing for granted.

When first entering the heat and air industry, my first goal was to be the best that I could be. My goal was to work to please my savior and Lord Jesus Christ, starting into this industry, in my late 20’s, prepared me and equipped me to study and receive as much information as I possibly could comprehend and store in my brain. Starting my technical education at one of the best technical schools in the country was the start of my new career. Enrolling in O.S.U. was the best choice i could make for learning the heat and air industry. The school provided hands-on training and great instruction from qualified instructors with many years of experience. After completing six semesters at O.S.U., Institute of Technology to be Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor. I graduated on the presidential honor roll and Dean’s list. Second to my last semester, I would perform my internship for three months at McIntosh Services in Tulsa. Very highly rated commercial company at the time of my internship (year 2000) met very seasoned and qualified technicians working at McIntosh Services who had been in the field for many years. These technicians were willing to teach me freely what they knew. Working for Mcintosh Services gave me great insight into the commercial HVAC industry. Very happy I got to learn from these senior guys in the industry before they all retired. After graduation I wanted to learn more about grocery store refrigeration. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a big company in Tulsa that did Refrigeration for many years. Learn Refrigeration from highly qualified and seasoned technicians with many years of experience in refrigeration. We got to install many refrigeration cases, coolers, rack systems into Walmarts that were being built at that time (2001).

While doing refrigeration I passed my Journeyman’s test (passed all 6 categories including large commercial equipment on the first try, which did not happen very often). Worked side by side with refrigeration technicians to learn techniques of diagnosing oil return problems, and refrigeration problems in commercial refrigeration. But because I was starting a family and had a new son on the way and needed to be home more, I went into Commercial air-conditioning working for Encompass Mechanical who was a nationwide company (having a local branch, made it possible to spend more time with family). Got the opportunity to do start-up on boilers, install large commercial ductwork, and also perform start-up on 150 Ton chillers and equipment for Saint Johns Hospital. Helped build St Johns Hospital, Dordam building on Whirlpool drive, Air Guard Cafeteria on Air Guard Base and many other projects. After the economy slowed down (2003) Encompass Mechanical went bankrupt, this forced a lay off of the service department in the late winter early spring which put me out of work for a short period of time. While working for Encompass I studied and received my Unlimited Contractors license. Being new to Tulsa, and just starting a family and being early spring. This was not a good time to start my own business. After looking at many companies across Oklahoma, I found many would not take a chance on hiring a contractor in their business, because they were afraid I was going to take their customers.

This Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor had an employee owned company with processes designed to be successful. While working for this business for 15 years, I got a complete insight into how the HVAC industry works. I learned how to treat customers very well and how to run a business properly. I was involved with training, mentoring, learning, supporting other technicians to become the best they could be in their technical skills. I met many great people throughout Tulsa and surrounding areas. While working for this company, I was able to get experience on all types of residential/commercial equipment, mostly Trane/American Standard equipment, also worked on small kitchens, commercial units, boilers and many technical controls. Being so seasoned in knowledge and understanding of so many theories in the science of applied science in HVAC, this made me the go to guy for technical support. Many technicians from other companies still call me for technical support today, but, with my children getting into their teenage years, more income was required. Making leaving my 15 year relationship Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor very hard. Although, I helped train 3 technicians to perform all my duties and left on good terms. The Lord sent me a great opportunity and left to go help out a startup company with some proprietary technology. For three years we had built up a company to enter the hotel & resort market when the Covid plandemic hit the world, bankrupting the startup company. This gave my wife Amy & I the opportunity to start our own business, which we had always wanted to start ever since I received my contractors license in 2003.

We started Kaspereit Services LLC May 2021. With very short notice that the start up company was going to shut down. We had very short notice to come up with a logo, when we believe the Lord gave Amy the Star of Bethlehem for our logo (Matthew 2:1-2). We were now in business and did not do any advertising for the first 2.5 years. The first 2.5 years just took care of company’s and customers that I have developed relationships with over the years. After getting existing customers HVAC equipment up and running well, we found ourselves needing to advertise. We find ourselves constantly improving processes and improving our business.

My goal is to pay technicians by how much quality they produce and hold them accountable for how much they do not perform correctly, creating an environment where good technicians can excel. Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor Kaspereit Services LLC’s goal is for customers to get a professional and quality service every time we show up to your door.