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I know how daunting a task it is finding a service contractor that will show up when they say they will, who will be honest about what is really going on with your HVAC equipment, or give you options for repair, and consult with you about solutions. I think the #1 complaint I hear in the field is this one. The worst tactic of all, is them telling you that you need a new system before ever stepping foot into your home or even looking at your HVAC equipment. How can anyone know you need a new system without knowing your individual circumstances? Here at Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor Kaspereit Services LLC, It is our goal to be on time, honest, give accurate assessments, give great solutions and all at a fair price.

It is our mission here at Kaspereit Services LLC to schedule you at the most convenient time for you, considering our busy schedule. It is our goal to schedule the same day. But if we are in a peak seasonal situation, certain considerations will have to be taken. Our PMA (Planned Maintenance Agreement) customers will take priority over a new customer. Not only because our PMA customers pay yearly for a covenant scheduled maintenance. Our PMA customers also have equipment that is already in good condition and is being maintained regularly. It takes less time to repair a well maintained system in the case of an emergency. When scheduling for a repair and your HVAC system has not been regularly maintained, then considerable time may be needed to make all repairs necessary. We love our new customers and want to give you the best experience with a HVAC company you have ever had. Please give us a chance to earn your business.

Remember we work on many types of systems: All brands of mini splits, Mitsubishi city-multi VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) units, all types of commercial systems, RTU (Roof Top Units) package units, Geo (Geothermal) units, radiant heaters, PTAC (through the wall) units, Boilers, wall furnaces, Large commercial air handlers to small air-handlers, hanging heater and don’t forget your regular Air-conditioner (all brands) on your home and regular furnace (all brands) for your home. Of course there are many other types of systems out there that we also work on, if it has refrigerant we can diagnose your system.

Service Call

Before contacting Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor Kaspereit Services LLC here are some things to consider. Have you changed your batteries lately (like within the last year)? Have you changed your filters lately (like within the last month)? Oh, here is another one. Did you turn off your attic light before you started having this problem? Let me explain, sometimes the attic light switch is next to the furnace “ON” “OFF” switch.

On the same note, to help you and our technicians, please consider these questions when we arrive, so that we can diagnose your system as quickly as possible for your convenience.

  • We find it very helpful if you have some history of your HVAC equipment for example: How was your HVAC equipment installed and by who?
  • Have you had an ongoing issue that doesn’t seem to ever get fixed?
  • When was the last time your system was maintained?
  • Let us know if there were any smells around the time the equipment broke down?
  • Were there any voltage fluctuations when equipment started having issues?
  • Were there any noises that happened around the same time the equipment stopped performing correctly?


All these questions help Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor Kaspereit Services LLC to figure Appropriate way to start a diagnosis.

Here is a little note to you who are renting and are calling for your property owner or you just have to pay your own electric bill. Consider changing your filters every month to lower your electricity bill. This also helps keep your unit from breaking down at the worst times.

Remember, your Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor, Kaspereit Services LLC offers first time customers extremely discounted first time diagnostics for more than 70% discount. It is our goal for you to try our services and decide for yourself if we do everything we say we do.

Here are some things for which you would contact Kaspereit Services LLC to be your Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor.

  • If your furnace is not working and you can’t get warm enough
  • If your air-conditioner is not keeping you cool enough
  • If your roof top unit is not working the way it should
  • If you want to get signed up on our PMA (Planned Maintenance Agreement)
  • If you want to start getting discounts and become one of our priority customers



If you have some time to design and install your equipment properly. Give us a call and we can discuss a proper load calculation and design for your new equipment. If you already know what size equipment you need, give us a call and we can schedule an on site visit.

Broken Arrow OK HVAC contractor Kaspereit Services LLC for over 20 years, We have experienced hundreds of different kinds of trouble HVAC. We know some things because we have seen some things. We make ourselves available to you to keep you updated on changes in the industry.


A little house keeping

Here at Kaspereit Services LLC we strive to keep the best tools available to perform our task properly, we maintain good quality transportation to get to your location on time, we compensate all our team support and technicians very well for there quality and ability, we keep our legal requirements renewed and up to date, (as fuel cost fluctuate) we keep our tanks full and ready to go, we used the best quality parts for your equipment to have long reliable. Owning and operating a HVAC business has many unforeseen expenses associated with being available for our customers and it is our pleasure to be here for you and your HVAC needs. Thank you and many blessings to you and yours.